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Island of Silba

The Island of Silba is located within the Zadar archipelago, between Premuda Island in the West and Olib Island in the East. Taking up only 15 sq. km of area on the inhabited islands in Croatia, Silba Island can be reached by a 2- to 3-hour ferry ride from the mainland. Known for its warm climate, clear blue waters and untouched nature, the tranquil island of Silba has been nominated for Nature Park status.

Although there are no roadways in Silba Island, which means no cars are allowed, the island has a wide range of tourist facilities such as cafs, restaurants, bars, travel agencies, and shops. Activities on the island of Silba include trekking, jogging, swimming, tennis, volleyball, tennis, boating, mini-golfing, windsurfing and other water sports.

If you fancy trekking to the highest peak in Silba, Toreta offers a breathtaking view of the islands Premuda and Olib. Other must-see attractions in the island of Silba include the old mill, the cliffs on Vele Stene, the 1997 sculpture in Jedra and the oldest church in Silba, St. Marko. Once youve visited all areas in Silba Island, you can walk for 30 minutes to the bay of St. Ante or visit Pernastica located near Borci Promontory.

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