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Island of Šolta

Solta Island, which is only 5 km wide, is part of the Dalmatian archipelago. The island of Solta is so close to town of Split that it is considered an ideal day trip for people visiting Split. It is separated from the mainland by the Split Channel. It offers modern, comfortable accommodation in tranquil surroundings. Accommodation on Solta island is readily obtainable and it varies from small family hotels to private lodging in apartments and private rooms. Solta Island is made up of limestone and sedimentary rocks. Over 1,500 people call the island of Solta home and live by fishing, olive growing, farming, wine production, fruit growing and tourism. Solta Island produces one of the best honey in Europe, which is made up of self-grown rosemary.

The largest coves of Solta Island are Necujam, Stomorska and Rogac, which are located on the northeastern coast. Necujam is home to the largest gravel beach in Solta, while Stomorska is the most-developed village where all tourist facilities are available. Most of < b>Solta apartments are equipped with air-condition, SAT TV and they assure you full safety throughout your stay. Most of Solta apartments have balconies with stunning sea view. They are modern and fully furnished with everything you might need for a comfortable stay during your holiday. By staying in the apartments of the Solta island you can explore the beauty of the nature surrounded. Bigger villages, such as the Srednje Selo, Grohote, Gornje Selo and Donje Selo, are located in the island’s interior. Since the island of Solta has been attacked several times during the Middle Ages, prehistoric remains at Roman and Gradac sites are still in tact. The main attractions of Solta Island are medieval monuments, such as the Benedictine monastery, Solta’s oldest and largest village Grahote, the crucifix on Vela Straza (the highest peak of the island), the graveyard at Gornje Selo and the castle in Maslinica.

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