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Island of Vis

Vis Island is part of central Dalmatia. With an area of 90 sq. km, the island of Vis consists of limestone crest hills and fertile valleys. For centuries, Vis Island has been known for its wine, such as Opol, Visko Crno and Vugava. Historically, Vis Island was fought over in numerous naval battles mainly due to its strategic location. In fact, the Greeks, Slavs, Romans, Austrians, British, French, Byzantines and Venetians have controlled the island of Vis at one point. Vis Island has only been open to visitors in 1998, which is responsible for the unspoiled nature and well-preserved tradition on the island.

Historical attractions on the island of Vis date back from Roman times, such as the Roman city of Issa, a Franciscan monastery, the bronze head of Aphrodite and the inscription of Calius from the 4th century BC. Vis Island is also home to a number of fortresses and several beaches with crystal clear seawater. The two popular small towns in the island of Vis are Korniza and Vis Town, which feature spectacular mountain scenery, donkey tracks and small home restaurants known for local delicacies like sheep and goat cheese, octopus, lamb, fresh fish, lobsters and local wine.

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