Holidays in Croatia: Spending a Little Bit of Paradise Everywhere You Go

Croatia offers a little bit of everything within its crescent-shaped land. With a little bit of Rome, a little bit of Venice and plenty of unspoiled Mediterranean waters, your holidays in Croatia will be worth every cent spent. From one-of-a-kind historical sites to the clearest Mediterranean waters, from well-preserved parks and sites to a plethora of beaches, you can find whatever you’re looking for in Croatia. The best thing is, you can choose to travel on a budget and look for cheap Croatia holiday deals or spend your Croatian holidays luxuriously at the most expensive hotels in Dubrovnik – it’s all up to you!

Croatian holidays: There’s an Island Perfect for Everyone’s Taste

Looking for Croatia holiday deals is easy with the plenty of island destinations to choose from, depending on your needs, budget and preferred activities. If you’re looking for good food and local wine, you should visit the summer hideaway, Vis Island and experience fishing for your own food while enjoying a glass of red Mali Plavac or white Vugava. If your holidays in Croatia won’t be complete without bar-hopping and parties, go straight to Pag and enjoy 24-hour clubbing while eating the best cheese you can ever taste.

If you prefer to go back to basics and camp out or stay in small cottage without electricity, then head on to Kornati archipelago with its 89 islands and well-maintained national park. Palagruza also keeps the skyscrapers away, but be prepared to be mesmerized by its elegant 1875 lighthouse and renowned pebble beaches Veli Zal and Stara Vlaka. Another must-visit island during your holidays in Croatia is Mljet or South Dalmatia where ancient Apulian-Romanesque monastery stands.

Water sports enthusiasts will enjoy their Croatian holidays at Zlatni Rat on Brac’s southern coast. It is considered one of the best windsurfing destinations in the world and caters to water skiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving and sea kayaking. Nudists can enjoy complete freedom at some of Rab’s Kandarola beach, while taking a trip down to the historic Rab Town featuring medieval stone buildings and Romanesque towers.

Cheap Croatia holiday deals

You don’t need to wait for a holiday to take advantage of Croatia’s natural beauty, rich history and amazing beaches. Croatia holiday deals are available throughout the year; you just have to find the most affordable way to get there. Fortunately, you have several options. If you want to fly directly to Croatia from the U.S., the cheapest airline tickets are those going into the popular cities of Dubrovnik, Split or Zagreb. If you wish to travel by sea, you can fly into its neighboring countries, such as Italy and ride a quick ferry across the Adriatic Sea to one of Croatia’s ports.

Once you’re in Croatia, food expenses and accommodation in Croatia and won’t hurt your wallet, compared to Greece or France vacations. Cheap Croatia holiday deals are possible as long as you avoid high-peak seasons during July and August. You can take advantage of the lowest prices during January, February, March, November and December. Since accommodation is priced according to season, expect to pay around €10 to €400 per night. Meal prices are reasonable, ranging from 20 to 100HRK per meal.

Luxury Croatia holiday deals

If you wish to stay on the most lavish parts of Croatia, then you can choose between holidays in Dubrovnik or holidays in Opatija, followed by several world-renowned cities that offer full-blown luxury Croatia holiday deals. The World Heritage Site Dubrovnik boasts a fairy-tale atmosphere with its palaces, cathedrals and fountains dating back to the 7th century. Opatija is one of the most famous tourist resorts in Croatia because of its authentic Mediterranean architecture.

Sailing Holidays in Croatia: A Heaven for Students and Enthusiasts

When your plan is to go on sailing holidays in Croatia, you will never be disappointed as the country boasts some of the best sailing spots in the Mediterranean. With about 500 harbors, 50 fully serviced marinas and over 1,000 islands, your sailing holidays are possible for both people wishing to learn how to handle the ropes and those who can sail hands-on without a skipper.

Sailing holidays in Croatia cater to beginners and enthusiasts. Sailing courses are available from beginner to advanced levels. Murter is the best place to learn sailing from the Adriatic Nautical Academy, which offers a 7-day classroom-type and hands on program during summers for €505.

If chartering a boat is what you’re looking for, you can rent small motorboats or luxury yachts, depending on your budget. Adriatic Club Croatia, which operates 21 marinas on the Croatian coastline, provides you with a guide about marina fees and guidelines. You can even choose to an all-inclusive package or a customized one to suit your needs, such as going on a cruise around several parts of the Croatian Adriatic or sailing the entire Croatian coastline. When it comes to sailing holidays in Croatia, whether for courses or leisure, your imagination is your limit.

Beach Holidays in Croatia: If You Can’t Find Your Dream Beach Here, It probably Doesn’t Exist

Your Croatian holidays would never be complete without visiting one of the beaches of the country. Whether you’re on the mood for a nude beach-hopping escapade or a romantic afternoon on a hidden resort, Croatia has the beach to fit your needs.

If you’re around the region of Istria, you can go straight Maslinica beach at Rabac or Katoro & Polynesia beaches at Umag for an all-around fun in the sun ideal for all ages. Couples can enjoy the beaches at Brijuni, Liznjan, Rovinj and Stoja, which offers a less-crowded environment perfect for those looking for a romantic setting. Windsurfing enthusiasts and anyone looking for parties can visit Cape Kamenjak, Porec, Girandella and Savudrija. Nudists can also enjoy beach holidays in Croatia by going to Crveni Otok, Valata or Koversada beaches in Istria. Other regions of Croatia, including Kvarner, North Dalmatia, Central Dalmatia and South Dalmatia offer a beach for everyone’s taste and budget.

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