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Luxury Istrian villas

Istria has its base located between Italy and Croatia. Major part of Istria extends in Croatia. Tourism in Istria is now on an increasing note due to its location near the sea route of Europe and the pleasant climate. Istria is particularly popular among tourists for its magnificent villas. Istrian villas initially were small and were not much luxurious but after the middle ages, it evolved drastically. These villas are built with all facilities and accommodation services have expanded as well. Istrian Villas are being designed with beautiful interiors. Constructions of these villas are being done by renowned architectural experts. These villas have beautiful sea views and would be a treat for the tourists to watch. There are many villas available in Istria and all these have their unique specialties. The capacity of a particular villa depends on the surface which it covers. The number of beds provided depends on the capacity. Private accommodation is also provided in the villas. Almost all the Istrian villas are found with pools.

Villas in blue Istria

Villas in blue Istria are located near the sea. Distance between the sea and villas would be a maximum of 1000m. These villas have a nice view of sea and it is a pleasure to watch them. One can go for a pleasant walk along the coastline. There are many thrilling water sport activities arranged by the villas, so it is great fun for all the people who participate in these water sports activities. One can also go for a bike ride along the surroundings of Mediterranean. There are also sporting activities like Diving, Trekking being organized. Villas in blue Istria have beautiful green surroundings. There are more Pine, Fig and fragrant Oleander trees around the villas. These villas are one of the best places for families with children’s. Families can surely have a peaceful holiday trips. The beach which is near to these villas is kept clean and properly maintained ensuring safety. Price of the villas in the Blue Istria is normal and it’s not too expensive. Number of persons per room varies within villas. There are many fun games organized for the children’s and it would be enjoying too. There are also many Animation programs being held for the children’s to enjoy. There are many guides who would help in going around the places. Gymnasiums are also being held in the villas for the recreation of tourists. In the adjacency, there are some fantastic towns like Umag, Novigrad, Porec, Pula, Vrsar, Rovinj etc. Among these, Umag is famous the ATP event that is being held here. Towns like Porec, Vrsar are known for the luxurious resorts and are a great place to spend some quality time with family.

Villas in Green Istria

Villas in Green Istria has its beauty around the trees of Mediterranean. These villas are present in the inland heart of Istria. The beauties of these Villas in Green Istria are hidden under dark. It is a delight to explore the hidden beauty of these villas. It would be clean and there is no harm to the nature. People in Villas explain all the beauty of surroundings and would take trip around all the attractive spots. Horse trekking is the main event which is organized for the tourists to have a look at the beauty of various places. It is also a joy to be part of horse trekking. There are many features for the visitors like access for disable persons, Elevators, terrace, Balcony. Swimming contest is generally organized as gaming activities. Cost of the villas in Green Istria is clean and well maintained. Accommodation depends on the area of villas since it is different among villas. TV, DVD, Satellite are provided for entertainment to the tourists. It is best to visit these villas to have a colorful holiday trip with family and children’s. There is kitchen facilities provided with cooker, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, toaster to all the visitors.

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Price 95 – 190 €
Center 770m
Beach 450m
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Located in a residential area, only 800 metres from the historic centre of Rovinj, Villa Armin offers air-conditioned apartments with balcony. Figarola Beach is 800 metres away. Bathrooms in the hotel provide a shower and towels. Pula Airport (PUY) is a 70 minute drive from the Villa Armin.
Price 49 – 249 €
Center 3,5km
Beach 100m
No reviews
Set in the tranquil bay of Pjescana Uvala, Villa Feniks is only 60 metres away from the pebble beach. It offers modern air-conditioned accommodation in nautical style and an outdoor pool. Free Wi-Fi is provided and free secured parking is available just 5 metres away. Popular beaches in the vicinity of the apartments: Vizula (beach in Medulin, 7,3 km ), Mjesnaplaza (beach in Fazana, 10,4 km ), Cuvi ( Rovinj, 31,5 km from town of Pula).
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