Sailing in Croatia

If you prefer real, raw adventure to package tours, one thing you MUST do is go sailing in Croatia. One of the jewels of the Mediterranean, Croatia’s ethereally beautiful coastline and many islands is sure to fascinate you. What better way to explore this paradise than to charter a yacht or a boat and sail around on your own, along the course that you desire.

Every year, thousands of sailing enthusiasts visit Croatia to experience the thrills of sailing, hoping to recreate in some measure the legendary feats of explorers like Thor Heyerdahl.

The fascinating islands also come with their share of history. The island of Korcula is where the legendary explorer Marco Polo was born. Windsurfing aficionados swear by the island of Zlatni Rat. For those who seek to sail to peaceful, serene beaches, nuggets of gold and green set against the azure sky, the island of Brac is a must-visit.

A love for adventure and for the choppy seas is all that you need to have an amazing sailing holidays in Croatia. The authorities here have done their bit to make things convenient for tourists. Resorts exist by the thousands, ranging from budget ones for backpackers to swank luxury holiday destinations for those who can afford them. Renting boats and yachts is easy, with tourists allowed to choose whether or not they want a skipper. Courses in sailing are also available, for people who want to acquire marine skills or hone them further.

It is a paradise for all those who love the sea. Make sure you visit and spend vacation in Croatia at least once.

Yacht Charter in Croatia

You don’t have to be an expert sailor or the owner of a fleet of yachts to sail in the Adriatic. All you need to do is get to Croatia and charter a boat or yacht of your choice, with or without a skipper.

There are a host of options one can choose from. If frugality is a priority, you can charter powerboats for as less than 2000 euros a week. If you spend between 7000 and 10000 euros, you can get yachts with salons and, in some cases, room for a crew. Luxury yachts in Croatia can be booked by spending upwards of 20,000 euros. With room for a crew and many more facilities, they make for delightful little cruises. Yacht Charter Croatia offer wide range of sailing boats and catamarans: Bavaria, Elan, Beneteau, Jeanneau, Salona, Grand Soleil Comet, Feeling, Atlantic, McGregor, Sas ...

The terms and conditions for yachting in Croatia are simple. At least one of the people on the boat must have all the documents required for sailing in the Croatia. If this condition is met, all you need to do is to get your yacht from the boat rental, sign the agreement and proceed on your holiday. If this condition is not met, however, tourists must hire a yacht with a skipper. Having done this, they are free to set sail.

Care must be taken, however, that the rules and regulations for navigation specified by the Croatian Government be complied with. Tourists must read carefully all the terms and conditions under Croatian law pertaining to nautical boundaries.

With over 1,000 islands, sailing in Croatia can provide some unforgettable moments. Plan your sailing Croatia holidays with portal.

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